When choosing a material for your fencing, you will definitely come across Colorbond steel. This material is strong, durable, and comes in a variety of colours. The different colours offer a great range of options and can be used to match your house’s exterior. It’s an eco-friendly option, too, meaning less damage to the environment. 

For over half a century now, Colorbond, a proud Aussie pioneer product by Bluescope Steel, continues to redefine the Australian fencing and construction scene. Colorbond has mastered the art of understanding the Australian climate–hot summers, fluctuating winters, droughts, strong winds, UV rays–you name it, Colorbond is manufactured to withstand the elements of our region.

Aussie Made

Designed and tailor-made for the Australian climate, Colorbond is a popular fencing choice for homes all over the country, and is increasingly popular amongst residential areas of the Northern Beaches of Sydney. For some, choosing Aussie-made is an important factor, and you won’t be compromising on durability when choosing Colorbond for your fencing material. 

Rust, moisture, termite resistance

Worried about the usual suspects that deteriorate materials outdoors? Termites that usually invade traditional wooden fences are not a threat to metal or specifically Colorbond fences due to the properties and the fact that there is no timber for the termites to feast on. Being metal, the obvious threat would be rust. Colorbond has designed a coating that protects the integrity of the steel from rust and moisture. However, this coating is not unsusceptible to deterioration, especially with constant exposure to moisture, if there are impacts such as scratches or large dents due to being bumped into by a vehicle, etc. Therefore, although durable and resistant to rust, steel is not unsusceptible to rust without maintenance.

Colorbond is an environmentally friendly material because it is sustainable—it is 100% recyclable. The weight is also lighter than bricks and ordinary hardwood timber. This means easier logistics for you and your contractor, and lesser transportation and energy consumption. When you have your fence installed, ensure that your Northern Beaches fencing contractors give your fence the best chance at a long life by factoring in drainage and the depth of posts. 

colorbond fencing Northern Beaches

Easy maintenance

For busier households, Colorbond fencing won’t take much of your time. The special technology Colorbond uses has lifted the burden of the constant maintenance of homeowners. Simple regular cleaning using water to get rid of the grime that could later on deteriorate your fences. When you clean your fence, not only do you remove dirt and mildew build up, but you can evaluate the current performance of the fence, you can also spot areas that need more attention, such as minor repairs or small dents. The paint of Colorbond fences is bonded into the metal so peeling is not really a problem. Colour fading will eventually occur as the steel is exposed to UV rays day in day out, but the protective coating will just mean that it takes longer for the colour to fade. Darker colours will fade faster due to more absorption of heat from the UV rays. 

Lifespan longevity

Because Colorbond is tested under the external conditions of our climate, Colorbond is protected by 5 layers of protective coating: top coat, primer, pro-treatment, metallic coating, and steel base. 

Versatile aesthetic

Play with creativity using Colorbond. Since Colorbond is customisable to whatever preference the homeowners want. Gone are the days when fences are only available in plain white or plain black! Colorbond is available in a wide range of designs so you are bound to find a suitable solution for your preferences.

green colorbond steel fence


Choosing your fencing material comes down to the purpose of the fence, your budget and stylistic preferences. Colorbond as a fencing material could be a great choice for your fencing, if you are after a durable, customisable, weatherproof material that will last for decades. You have the freedom to have your fence complement the tone of your home, increasing its value and aesthetic whilst providing protection, security, and privacy.

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