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    Timber Retaining Wall Construction

    Timber retaining walls are popular because they’re cost effect and have a natural appearance. We build timber retaining walls of all sizes. From simple garden bed retaining walls to larger scale walls. Make your sloped area functional and secure with a durable retaining wall built to last.


    concrete sleeper Retaining walls Northern Beaches

    Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

    Concrete sleeper retaining walls are becoming popular on the Northern Beaches. They’re extremely durable because they are immune to moisture, rot and termites. They’re available in a range of different styles, from wood look sleepers to concrete blocks and much more. We’re fully licensed and insured structural landscapers. Call today to schedule a free quote.

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    Call Mike For a Free Quote

    (02) 9090 4199

    Call Mike For a Free Quote

    (02) 9090 4199

    Quality Retaining Walls Construction

    Purpose of a retaining wall

    Retaining walls are used in places where extra structural support is needed to keep soil and other materials where they should be, preventing erosion and movement. In residential spaces, the most common form of a retaining wall is one made of sleepers, whether timber or concrete to add structural support for boundary fencing. Garden beds are also common situations where retaining walls are used, to keep soil in a rectangular or square bed, in which plants are planted. 

    The main purpose of a retaining wall is to make a sloped area functional, whether it be by creating a flat surface or addressing a slope between properties or even within the same property. The walls retaining walls flatten the slope to prevent downward flow and collapse of water and soil. 

    Retaining walls can also improve drainage, by directing the flow of water. 

     Erosion can be prevented by a retaining wall, soil can be held in its place with a sturdy structure that prevents soil from moving or eroding thereby making the property or area more functional for long term use. 

    Building a retaining wall is an investment. To get the best return on your investment, work with the highest quality materials that are durable and have it built by a team who has experience, and a proven track record of excellent outcomes for their customers. 


    Materials we build retaining walls with

    Our team works with a variety of materials to build retaining walls. From timber to concrete, besser blocks and stone, we work with quality materials to be able to construct walls that are durable and will be able to withstand the weight that it is required to hold.

    Areas we build retaining walls for

    We service the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We build retaining walls for garden beds, sloping properties that require structural support, we commonly build retaining walls below fences to prevent dogs from escaping and surrounding pools. 

    We also build timber fencing and colorbond fencing as well as a whole variety of other materials. 

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