Having a fence is a great way to improve the privacy around your property. It keeps outsiders from looking in and allows you to come and go from your home without worrying about people watching you. But what happens when that fence isn’t quite offering you the privacy that you want? Consider that if your fence is made from a material or style that allows onlookers to peek between gaps, you might need a new fence altogether but in many situations, what may be required is a slight increase in the height of your fence to give you the privacy you’re looking for. 

There are many different styles of fencing extensions that you can add to transform your fence into exactly what you need for privacy. You’ll extend the height exactly where you want it, and you can choose from many decorative styles that add a layer of interest to your home. These toppers can be selected to blend seamlessly with your existing fence. 

This article will explore the reasons why you would want to extend your fence. It will also cover the fence height requirements in the Northern Beaches Council. 

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Reasons Why You May Want To Increase the Height of Your Fence

If your fence is structurally sound and in good condition, you may not want to go through the hassle of having it removed and replaced just to add a few centimetres of height. Not to mention the cost factor involved in a fence replacement. Instead, you’d be more likely to consider adding an extension to the top of the fence. These extensions can range from timber lattices to Colobond extensions. You can find the ideal material to match your existing fence, so there’s no compromise on aesthetics.

Is your property on a sloped block? Can people walking or driving by have a good look into your house as they pass by? You may have found your current fence lacks privacy due to being too short. The easiest solution is adding an extension. This can also help make your home more secure, as a taller fence will be harder to jump over. You’ll be less likely to have someone climb the fence to break into your home.

In addition to privacy, you may have other reasons to choose an extension for your fence. For example, if you have a pet that’s always escaping, adding height to your fence can help keep them inside. Knowing they’re safely in the yard and can’t get out will give you peace of mind.

Additional height also means more shade for your yard. This can mean more comfort when you want to relax outside in the summer. You can increase the enjoyment of your outdoor entertainment areas by cooling them with more shade, especially if your patio is right next to your side boundary fence.

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Extensions are also features that add interest to your home. You can make your property stand out from the neighbours with many decorative options. You can create a stylish contrast by choosing a different design or colour from that of the original fence or you can opt for something that blends in with the existing fence. 

Fence Height Requirements in the Northern Beaches Council

While you have the best intentions for you and your family when adding an extension to your existing fence, there are certain rules you must follow when it comes to fence height requirements. The Northern Beaches council has specific regulations that you’ll need to follow.

Any freestanding fences that lie between your home and the front street boundary can be no more than 1.2 metre high above the ground at all points. Whereas fences that are on the other boundaries of your property have a maximum height of 18.m. There are certain exceptions to this rule. 

So, in cases where your fence is built atop a retaining wall, you likely would not need to or be able to add an extension due to the height already being sufficient or at the maximum. Consulting with a local Northern Beaches fencing contractor will help you navigate the often tricky and confusing regulations as they are well-versed in what is acceptable and what requires a permit. 

Choose an Extension When Your Existing Fence Is Still Good

When you have a solid fence that is in great shape, maintain your investment and add an extension to improve your home’s privacy. Doing this can add many great benefits, including greater safety and security by preventing people from seeing in or climbing over your fence. Enjoy the luxury of peace and seclusion in your front or back yard thanks to a fence that gives you the privacy you’re after. 

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If you need greater peace of mind than what your current fence is providing, reach out to your local fencing professionals to get a beautiful extension added to your fence. In addition to having more privacy, you’ll boost your home’s curb appeal with added interest and style. Just remember, you’ll need to follow all guidelines set forth by the Northern Beaches council to ensure you’re in compliance. 

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