Fences define boundaries between properties, provide privacy and security from the outside world as well as keep loved ones and pets safe within the boundaries of your property. They are an all-around good investment for your property. 

Timber fences are a classic staple for Australian homes. Now available in more styles and specifications, there are a lot of considerations to be made when choosing what type of timber fencing you want. Overwhelmed with the variety of timber fences available? This article will explore the most common types of timber fences and give some pointers about things you should consider when choosing between them. Contact us to get started on building any of these timber fences on your property.

Your Variety of Timber Fences Options

Classic, modern, luxury, whatever your taste for your property, there is likely a timber fence style to suit your aesthetic. The professional Northern Beaches fencing contractors will guide you through this step. 

Standard Pine Paling Fence

timber fencing Northern Beaches of Sydney

Standard pine paling fences are the epitome of functionality. If not all, you can see it in most homes because of its simplicity. It is one of the most favoured designs by Northern Beaches residents for its competitive economic value that stands out against its counterparts. It easily compliments homes with its no-nonsense features, just a good old-fashioned straightforward simple fence. They are usually available in heights of 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, and 2400 mm, or customised levels according to the requirement of the homeowner. If you’re after a reliable material that is not complicated and has no frills, standard pine paling fences are what you need.

Lapped and Capped Timber Fence 

long treated timber fence installation

For those who want to shut down prying, peeking eyes, a lapped or capped timber fence does the job in style. Lapped fences have two layers of overlapping paling, which means no room for gaps visible between palings. It covers the back side of the fence, hiding imperfections that are visible to the naked eye. Lap and cap fences are the top styles of the fence when it comes to boundary setting and is a very popular choice in the Northern Beaches for their aesthetic, and neat presentation, with an added extra layer of privacy that homeowners will surely appreciate.

Pine Fence with Steel Posts

timber fence with steel post fencing northern beaches

Think your property is a little too close to your neighbour? Settle it down using pine fences with steel posts. Limited spaces don’t necessarily entail limited design ideas! Pine fences with steel posts are great for existing small spaces and for withstanding external factors such as strong winds, storms, and even sub-optimal soil, because of the added structural support by the steel posts. It is a trending choice for Northern Beaches neighbourhoods because of its modern look and finishes.

Pine Fence with Decorative Lattice Work

Pine Fence with Decorative Lattice Work fence fencing northern beaches

Lattice work adds that extra privacy that some homeowners still want for their property on their existing fence. This is where a little creativity could make the biggest difference for your fence. Decorative lattice gives the fence character and can add extra height for privacy. Virtually available in any style you could imagine, lattice work gives a standard fence the option to look as fancy as required with the added privacy of extra height.

Timber Fence with Retaining Wall at Base 

Retaining walls have to be built to maintain the soil that has been dug up during the construction process of the property, as well as for sloping properties. To add more functionality and structural integrity, these will be used for keeping the soil area together and prevent further soil movement that could compromise the integrity of the fence and property. Durable retaining walls serves an extra layer of defence, not only for your property but for your landscaping and gardening aspects as well. Once the retaining wall is constructed, a fence is built above it. With a well-constructed retaining wall, your fence will last for a very long time without movement or sagging.

Wooden Picket Fence

boundary timber picket fence

Classics never go out of style. That is the wonders of traditional wooden picket fences. Usually made from the highest grade of timber polished down with a smooth finish, wooden picket fences are easy to modify and can be painted to suit your tastes. Picket fences generally don’t provide full cover and privacy and are generally shorter than standard fences so they act more as an aesthetic boundary divider rather than for security or privacy. For that timeless look, wooden picket fences are the answer.

Timber Slats Fence or Screen

timber fence slats with sliding gate

Another popular choice for Northern Beaches suburbs are timber slat fences, which are generally cheaper to construct due to less timber required. These slats generally have gaps in between the panels similarly to picket fencing but are generally on a horizontal angle. Often used in backyard fencing, gates can also be constructed in this style. Privacy screens in this style are popular as they provide privacy but don’t fully block the view out of your property.


There are so many types of fencing, let alone timber fencing to choose from, you can have the perfect match to suit your style, needs and budget. Contact your Northern Beaches fencing contractor to discuss your options and how we can get started on building the fence you require. Fencing offers you privacy, security, functionality, and safety, you can achieve all these qualities with the right fence in the aesthetic that suits you and your home.  

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